• Production of fish oil and fishmeal

    Fishmeal and fish oil are made by processing raw materials in a cycle that includes cooking, processing, extraction, and drying. The only byproduct created during the manufacture of fishmeal and fish oil is steam. In actuality, the product is made of all raw ingredients, although the majority of ...
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  • Meat and bone meal processing equipment

    The animal skeleton processing bone powder produced by Zhejiang Fanxiang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has two production processes, adopting different production processes to meet the different needs of customers, and can also customize a complete production line for processing animal meat and b...
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  • Introduction: Fish oil processing equipment processing-separator

    LT series centrifugal dehydrator is developed according to the unified design standard of the former Ministry of Textile Industry, combined with the actual use of different materials; this series of centrifugal dehydrator has reasonable design, simple structure, high efficiency, small wear, low n...
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  • Advantages of steam wet fish meal dryer

    The fishmeal dryer is a kind of equipment that obtains fishmeal by drying the cooked solid in the fishmeal production through the heat source, generally steam. The fishmeal dryer is generally composed of a rotating main shaft and a stationary shell. The fishmeal dryer is the core fishmeal equipme...
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  • Odor purification treatment plan for fishmeal factories

    The fish meal plant turns leftover aquatic goods, along with some tiny fish and shrimp, into fish meal for feed using a variety of techniques, including high-temperature steam heating, pressing, drying, and crushing. Malodorous gas is created at numerous points in the production process, and the ...
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  • What specific equipment does the complete fishmeal equipment production line include?

    Fishmeal is a very important animal protein feed. my country’s fishmeal industry started late, but in recent years, with the increase in the output of high-yield and low-value fish and the development of animal husbandry, the demand for feed has surged, and the fishmeal processing industry ...
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  • Menhaden fish meal is processed in what way?

    A high-quality protein supplement feed that is suitable for use is menhaden fish meal. As a vital source of protein for cattle and poultry, ensuring its quality is crucial for the continued growth of animal husbandry. Fish meal is therefore frequently used in poultry feed, such as fish meal for h...
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  • Take you to understand the highly specialized fish meal production line

    Fish Meal Production System Making fishmeal has developed into a lucrative industry in recent years. Production of fish meal necessitates the use of specialized processing technology and a variety of fish meal equipment. Fish cutting, fish steaming, fish pressing, fish meal drying and screening, ...
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  • Fishmeal Making Lines and differences

    Currently, homemade fish meal is divided into three types: skim fish meal, semi-skim fish meal and whole fat fish meal. The output of skimfat fish meal is relatively low, the users are mostly small feed enterprises, large and medium-sized industries use less.From September to October, the oil con...
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  • The 11th China Fish Powder and Fish Oil Industry Conference

    On August 8,2022, the 11th China Fish meal and fish oil Industry Conference was successfully held in Hohehot Municipality .At the meeting, the delegates had extensive and in-depth exchanges on the global fish meal production and trade situation, domestic fish meal production and market conditions...
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  • Why Choose The Fish Meal Cooler Machine?

    Why Choose The Fish Meal Cooler Machine?

    Fish meal is a high-quality and high-protein raw material, widely used in aquaculture and high-grade animal feed.Because of its unique nutritional value, the application in aquatic products and high-grade pig feed has an irreplaceable role. According to statistics, China’s annual output of ...
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  • Waste Vapor Rising-Film Evaporator

    Waste Vapor Rising-Film Evaporator

    In December 2019,the R & D team of Zhejiang Fanxiang Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd keeps innovating, aiming at continuously improving product performance and providing customers with more efficient and advanced equipment. We have developed a new type of Evaporator b...
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