Take you to understand the highly specialized fish meal production line

Fish Meal Production System

Making fishmeal has developed into a lucrative industry in recent years. Production of fish meal necessitates the use of specialized processing technology and a variety of fish meal equipment. Fish cutting, fish steaming, fish pressing, fish meal drying and screening, fish meal packaging, and other procedures are the primary components of the entire fishmeal production line.


What is fish meal?

Fish meal is a product that is produced by fish after the edible or unmarketable portions have been removed. The benefit of fish meal is that it can be added to animal feed and is high in protein.

Nutritional properties of the fish meal

1. Fish meal doesn’t contain challenging ingredients like cellulose, which is challenging to digest. Fish meal has a high effective energy value, making it simple to incorporate it as a raw material in the formulation of high-energy animal feed.
2. B vitamins, particularly vitamins B12 and B2, are abundant in fish meal. Additionally, it contains fat-soluble vitamins such vitamins A, D, and E.
3. Calcium and phosphorus are abundant in fishmeal, which also has a suitable ratio of both. Additionally, fish powder has a very high selenium level of up to 2 mg/kg. The fish meal also has a high concentration of iodine, zinc, iron, and selenium and a suitable level of arsenic.

How to make fish meal?

big fish cutting —— fishing cooking —— cooked fish squeezing —— fish meal drying and screening —— fish meal packaging and fish oil processing.

Processing steps of the fish meal production line

Step 1: fish cutting

If the ingredients are small, you can ship them to the fish tank by horizental screw conveyor. However, if the fish is large, it should be cut into small pieces using a crushing machine.

Step 2: fish cooking

The crushed fish pieces will be sent to a fishmeal machine cooker. The cooking steps of fish are mainly intended for cooking and sterilization.

Step 3: fish squeezing

Fishmeal machine screw press is used to quickly press cooked fish pieces out of the water and fish oil. The screw press may separate fine fish and fish residue from the slag discharge mouth and maximize the extrusion of fish oil, water, and other goods. In actuality, the fine fish and processed fish waste are coarse and wet fish meal that needs more processing to become fish meal. They can be further processed to create fish oil and fish protein products from the extracted oil-water mixture.

Step 4: Fish meal drying

The squeezed fish residue still has a certain amount of water. Therefore, we should use a fish meal drier for quick drying.

Step 5: fish meal Sieve screening

The dried fish meal was screened with a fish meal sieve screening machine to yield evenly sized fish meal.

Step 6: Fish meal packaging

The final fish meal can be packaged into individual small packaging through a high efficiency packaging machine.

Main Advantages of a fish meal production line

1、High degree of automation. Fish meal equipment has a high matching degree, and the production process is complete.
2、Long life span of fish meal equipment. The equipment uses corrosion-resistant materials, which greatly extends the service life of the equipment.
3、Fish meal is of good quality. According to the raw fish variety design compression ratio, the enclosed structure machine keeps the dust away from the working environment.

The Application of Fish meal

Make feed for livestock, aquatic animals, and carnivorous animals.Make feed for livestock, aquatic animals, and carnivorous animals. Fish meal can be used to processing pig, chicken, cattle and other animal feed, and it is also the main raw material of aquatic animal fish, crab, shrimp and other feed protein. In addition, high quality fish meal is often added to the carnivorous animal feed raw material.

How to transport fish meal?

Fishmeal processing plant has specialized screw conveyors, in different links, we set up different conveyors.Therefore, it can realize the flexible work arrangement in the process of material transportation, and improve the production efficiency of fish meal.

How to deal with the waste gas produced during the fish meal production process?

Exhaust gas, smoke and industrial dust are inevitably produced by industrial production.Because it is harmful to the air and people’s health, we cannot discharge it directly.
The waste vapor deodorizing machine in the fish meal processing plant is designed to solve the problem of exhaust emissions.It has atomizing spray nozzle, assure circulating cooling water to contact waste vapor fully. Get obvious deodorizing performance.

Waste Vapor Evaporator (5)

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