Menhaden fish meal is processed in what way?

A high-quality protein supplement feed that is suitable for use is menhaden fish meal. As a vital source of protein for cattle and poultry, ensuring its quality is crucial for the continued growth of animal husbandry. Fish meal is therefore frequently used in poultry feed, such as fish meal for hens.

Menhaden fishmeal’s purposes

Protein and fat make up the majority of menhaden’s nutritional value. Compared to other fish, there is more fat in this one. As a result, it also has more calories. Additionally, it is abundant in iron and vitamin B12, which are best employed to ward off anemia.

Menhaden meal is therefore a nutrient-rich food. Fishmeal is typically used in special diets and animal feeds. Menhaden fish meal is a crucial ingredient in the creation of aquafeed and poultry feed in general. The fish meal plant is also required in this procedure.

What is the fishmeal’s primary ingredient?

The benefits of fishmeal are countless. White fishmeal and red fishmeal are the two main kinds of fishmeal.

Cold-water species, like eel, are typically processed to produce white fish meal. Crude protein level can reach 68% to 70%, which is expensive and primarily used in specialized aquatic feed.

Redfish meal is used as animal feed. Silver carp, sardines, wind-tailed fish, mackerel, and many other tiny fish, as well as leftovers from the processing of fish and shrimp, are the main raw materials used to make redfish meal. Redfish meal typically has a crude protein level of more than 62%, with a high of 68% or more.

Similar to menhaden fish meal in curse. Additionally, after the processing of trash and other products, a range of small fish, fish, and shrimp are used in the majority of fish dinners. Some foods have a protein level of 50% or less. The quality of fish dinners will vary depending on the type of raw fish you choose.

How to produce the menhaden fishmeal?

As a seasoned manufacturer and supplier of fishmeal-making equipment, we can satisfy your needs with a variety of capabilities. It works well with menhaden fish meal as well. The general procedure goes like this:

Fish can be prepared by crushing, boiling, pressing, drying or grinding by means of specialized fishmeal making machines.

The entire fishmeal processing line is described above. Without a doubt, after drying, you can use the fish meal screening machine. If you’re interested, please let us know your needs, fishmeal production capacity, etc. Our sales manager will provide the best solutions based on their expert expertise.

Post time: Oct-21-2022