Meat and bone meal processing equipment

The animal skeleton processing bone powder produced by Zhejiang Fanxiang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has two production processes, adopting different production processes to meet the different needs of customers, and can also customize a complete production line for processing animal meat and bone powder according to customer requirements.

Production process Crushing process

The raw material is conveyed by the conveyor to the pulverizer for crushing. The crushed particles are φ2mm-3mm, and the crushed particles are uniform. If they are too large or too small, there will be raw residue or burnt paste, which is not conducive to the separation of oil residue and affects oil extraction.Machine performance

cooking process:This process adopts a horizontal vacuum cooking pot, which has a large heating area and an automatic cleaning device for uniform stirring, which can effectively prevent the phenomenon of raw material or scorching. Because the raw material itself has a large water content, the melting temperature reaches 85 degrees. Start vacuum dehydration, the vacuum degree will decrease with the increase of steam volatilization, and keep the vacuum degree in the melting pot during the dehydration process. In a vacuum state, the animal oil raw material entering the negative pressure reactor can quickly realize the water separation./drier-high-quality-fish-meal-coil-pipe-drier-product/

Vacuum dehydration section:The water jet vacuum jet pump is used to create a negative pressure state in the melting pot. The vacuum pipeline is equipped with a condenser. The flow enters the tube condenser, and under the cold water circulation, the split water molecules and odor molecules are forcibly condensed into distilled water and collected in the separatory tank. The condensed water is reused, and the tail gas is adsorbed by activated carbon to produce oxygen by infrared electrolysis.China Factory Good Quality Fishmeal Grinding Machine (4)

Conditioning and tempering pressing process:YZ/xz-28 type screw oil press is used as the press equipment, and the pressing strips and screws of the oil press are adjusted to the working state suitable for pressing animal oil residues, and the residual oil of machine-pressed cakes is controlled at about 10%. The pressed crude oil is transported to the filtering section of the refining equipment for filtration, and the pressed cake enters the next section for production. Air-cooling cooling process: The temperature of the pressed cake after pressing is relatively high, and the temperature of the meat powder produced by direct crushing is too high, which is not conducive to packaging and storage. The scraper conveyor is cooled by cold air circulation. The temperature of the pressed cake is cooled, which greatly saves the production time, improves the productivity, and makes the finished material reach the temperature condition suitable for storage.

Crushing and milling process:After the cooling section, the crushing and conveying enters the hammer mill, and the hammer pulverizes the cake into powder under the high-speed operation of the rotor. swap. Because the meat powder has a high oil content, the air transportation is easy to block the pipeline, so the crushed meat powder is transported to the storage bin for buffer packaging by a bucket elevator.

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