Advantages of steam wet fish meal dryer

The fishmeal dryer is a kind of equipment that obtains fishmeal by drying the cooked solid in the fishmeal production through the heat source, generally steam. The fishmeal dryer is generally composed of a rotating main shaft and a stationary shell. The fishmeal dryer is the core fishmeal equipment in the fishmeal processing link, and the processing performance of the dryer directly affects the quality of the final fishmeal.

What is steam wet fishmeal dryer?

First of all, the processing technology of fish meal is generally divided into ordinary direct fire drying and low temperature steam drying process, so our steam wet fish meal dryer is generally used in low temperature steam drying process.

Rapid low-temperature drying process (two-stage drying treatment method): the first stage is steam drying. Since the fish meal steam system operates under low pressure, its operating temperature is 30°C lower than that of the so-called dryer, which is very effective in maintaining High digestibility of fishmeal. The second stage uses indirect hot air drying system so that the quality of fishmeal can be greatly improved.Drier  (High Quality Fish Meal Coil Pipe Drier) (2)

What is the working principle of steam wet fish meal dryer?

The steam-type wet fishmeal dryer uses saturated steam as the heat source (rated steam pressure 0.6MPa), which belongs to the indirect steam dryer. It is mainly heated by the spindle, and can also be heated through the interlayer of the outer shell. The spindle speed is slow, usually 10-12rpm. The material is slowly transferred from the feed end to the discharge end through the pusher system on the outer edge of the blade. The output is controlled by a speed-adjustable screw conveyor, which is convenient to adjust the size and speed of the output according to the demand.

The heating blades are installed on high-quality seamless steel pipes, and with the efficient condensate drainage system, the heating area of the blades can be utilized to the maximum efficiency and maintain good heat exchange efficiency. There is a stainless steel scraper between the heating blades, which can stir the material, prevent the material from piling up between the blades, and ensure the complete evaporation of water. The water vapor passes through the stainless steel air collecting hood on the top of the dryer, and is continuously discharged from the body under the action of the induced draft fan.

Are there other applications of the steam wet fishmeal dryer?

Due to the unique structural design and excellent drying effect of this fishmeal dryer, this dryer can also be widely used for drying powdery and granular materials in industries such as food, chemical industry, medicine, and building materials. Products that have been dried by this series include: starch, glucose, fish meal, granulated sugar, table sugar, wine tank, feed, gluten, plastic resin, coal powder, dyestuff, etc.

Post time: Nov-17-2022