Tubular Condenser (Top Quality Tubular Condenser Fishmeal Production Line Deodorizing System)

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  • With tubular design, by means of a lot of Stainless Steel heating exchange pipe to make sure waste vapor fully contacted with cooling water, maxim heating exchange area and good deodorizing efficiency.
  • By using of high temperature cooling tower, to reduce the temperature of circulating cooling water. Due to repeated circulation, most suitable for the area lack of fresh water.
  • By using of several separate plate so as to ensure cooling water with the best cooling efficiency.
  • Heating pipes are easily to be taken apart for cleaning, remove the dust and maintain the heating efficiency.
  • Main cylinder made by Stainless Steel, and the foundation made by Mild Steel.
  • Model: SCL-1300、SCL-1500

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working principle

Tubular Condenser is a heat exchange device between two non-soluble media, which is composed of a stainless steel outer shell and many stainless steel heat exchange tubes. Its working principle is that a large amount of waste vapor enters the Tubular Condenser, is dispersed and passes through many heat exchange tubes, outside of the heat exchange tubes is clean cooling circulating water. The high temperature waste vapor conducts indirect heat exchange with the low temperature cooling circulating water outside the tubes, and condenses into water immediately. The condensate water can be transported to the supporting sewage treatment station through the pipeline, and discharged after being treated to reach the standard. The cooling circulating water outside the tubes absorbs heat and causes the water temperature to rise. Using Cooling Tower to cool the water to achieve the purpose of recycling. Most of the waste vapor through the Tubular Condenser is cooled into waste vapor condensate water, and only a small amount of water insoluble exhaust gas is sent to the Deodorizing Tower or other deodorization equipment through the pipeline, and then discharged into the atmosphere.

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