Waste Vapor Rising-Film Evaporator

In December 2019,the R & D team of Zhejiang Fanxiang Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd keeps innovating, aiming at continuously improving product performance and providing customers with more efficient and advanced equipment. We have developed a new type of Evaporator based on the Waste Vapor Falling-Film Evaporator -- Waste Vapor Rising-Film Evaporator. For the plants with large quantity of circulating cooling water (near by the sea, lake and river), we recommend GNSJ series Evaporator with high-position cooling tower. For the plants without large quantity of circulating cooling water, we recommend LNSJ series Evaporator with condenser. The condenser achieve indirect heating exchange between cooling water and second generated vapor from evaporator, which not only keep the cooling circulating water clean without any smell, but also reduce the cooling water consumption. So this kind of the evaporator is especially for the plant which is unable to supply large quantity of cooling water.

GNSJ Series

GNSJ Series Waste Vapor Rising-Film Evaporator

LNSJ Series

LNSJ Series Waste Vapor Falling-Film Evaporator

The advantages of Waste Vapor Rising-Film Evaporator:

  • Take full advantage of heating surface of heat exchange tube , better evaporation efficiency.
  • The material is always filled with heat exchange tube, and its inner wall is not easy to coke during the heating process, no need of frequent cleaning.
  • The whole production process of the system is completed under the state of vacuum, so the evaporation temperature is low and the evaporation speed is fast.
  • Recycling protein water, improving fish meal yield, increasing economic benefits, and reducing environmental pollution.
  • The waste vapor produced by the Cooker and Drier is used as the heating source to heat and concentrate the protein water under the vacuum state. After the waste vapor passes through the concentration heat exchange, most of the waste vapor is converted into waste vapor condensate water, which greatly reduces the cooling work of the waste vapor in the production line

Normal Model:GNSJ-2500L、3500L、5000L、6000L、7500L、10000L 、15000L、20000L


Post time: Aug-13-2021